Meet Savannah, an enthusiastic and compassionate individual who is living her dream working at an animal hospital! Her love for animals bloomed at a young age while exploring for critters alongside her twin brother. Despite mixed reactions from her family, Savannah’s wonderment and affection for animals persisted. This lead her to pursue a Zoology major at the University of Guelph and she is now in her 4th year.

Beyond her animal care expertise, Savannah has a vibrant range of interests. She’s spent lots of time working with kids and has played competitive basketball for several years. She was then able to combine the two into a passion for coaching basketball. Her strongest bond is with her dad, making family time very precious to her.

With an unwavering passion for animals, a zest for life, and a diverse range of talents, Savannah embodies a well-rounded and empathetic individual, committed to making a positive impact on both animals and people alike.

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