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What you DESERVE to expect from us!


Our clinics are unique because we believe in transparency. We don’t believe in the ‘backroom’.  This means that everything we do for your pet during the appointment is performed in the room with you present (providing you are comfortable with this). We do this because we find the pets are more comfortable with their owners present. Most owners find this interesting and are comforted knowing what is being done on their pet. We also find, particularly with cats, that they don’t like being moved once they are used to their surroundings.  Therefore, we make every effort to keep them in one room the entire time to keep them happy. If you are uncomfortable seeing blood being taken or don’t like needles, you are more than welcome to wait outside the exam room while the procedure takes place. Through our experiences, we have found that the less the pet needs to be moved around, the calmer they are.

We strongly believe pets are part of the family and should be treated as such. Because of this, we try to keep you – their ‘pet parents’ – as involved as possible during the appointment.

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