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  • Welcome to Glen Erin Animal Hospital and Meadowvale Animal Clinic!

    Your local veterinarian in Mississauga!
    Contact us today with any concerns regarding your cat, dog, bird, reptile, guinea pig, rabbit, rat or other small mammals.

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  • Our Dental Health Plan

    All of our dentistries start with a comprehensive examination of the mouth. All patients receive intravenous fluid therapy, pain medication, and a thorough dental polish and scale cleaning. We also provide DENTAL RADIOGRAPHY to all our patients to better assess dental disease below the gumline.

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  • Exotic Medicine, Surgery and Dentistry

    We LOVE our exotics! Our veterinarians are well trained in avian, reptile, and small mammal medicine, surgery and dentistry. Our technicians are also well trained in husbandry and nutrition. Book your consult today!

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  • SHOP Online @ myVETstore!

    • Over 3,000 products – food, toys, grooming tools, treats and more!
    • Express pick up OR home delivery
    • Refill prescription medications easily
    • AutoOrder available – Automatic reordering so you NEVER run out!

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  • We are YOUR Cat Friendly Hospital!

    We provide a feline only waiting and examination room that provides a safe and non-threatening space where your cat can be examined calmly, reducing unnecessary stress with noise, other pets and unfamiliar smells.

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  • Avian and Exotic Medicine in Mississauga

    Our Mississauga veterinarians are pleased to offer avian and exotic medicine and surgery for all of your avian and exotic pets, including pocket pets and reptiles!

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  • Veterinary Services Available

    Our animal hospitals in Mississauga are pleased to offer a wide variety of veterinary services! These services include dentistry, vaccinations, lab work & more!

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Glen Erin Animal Hospital

We are located at 2632 Liruma Rd. in Mississauga, Ontario, L5K 1Z1

Phone: 905-822-9974

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Meadowvale Animal Clinic

We are located at 6040 Glen Erin Dr. in Mississauga, Ontario, L5N 3M4.

Phone: 905-826-5062

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